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At NineTailz Motorsports, our journey began with a passion for perfection and a keen eye for luxury and supercars.  Our story is deeply rooted in our commitment to redefine professional detailing services for the most discerning automotive enthusiasts.h

Identifying the Gap in the Market

paint protection services instead of "detailing services

A Vision Takes Shape

Fuelled by their shared vision and determination to bridge this gap, Ninetailz Motorsports embarked on a mission to establish NineTailz Detailing as the go-to destination for owners of luxury and supercars. Their extensive research, dedication, and love for the automotive world became the driving force behind the creation of a detailing company that would set new industry standards.

Uncompromising Commitment

From the very beginning, our founders understood that catering to the needs of luxury and supercar owners required an uncompromising commitment to excellence. They envisioned a detailing company that combined the latest technological advancements with artisanal craftsmanship to deliver results that exceeded expectations.

Crafting a Unique Experience

At NineTailz Detailing, we're not just about restoring your vehicle's showroom shine; we're dedicated to crafting a unique experience that reflects the prestige of your luxury or supercar. Our founders' passion and dedication continue to inspire our team to push boundaries, embrace innovation, and provide meticulous care that is second to none.

Join Us on the Journey

Today, NineTailz Detailing stands as a testament to our founders' vision and unwavering commitment. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey, where luxury and supercar detailing is elevated to an art form. Experience the difference of NineTailz Detailing, where precision meets passion, and your automotive masterpiece is treated with the utmost care it deserves.

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Jose De La Cruz
Jose De La Cruz
Had my 2021 accord done with ceramic tint awsome job very professional a d very good price.
suhyun kim
suhyun kim
친절하게 잘 설명해 주시고 완벽하게 마무리 해주셨어요. 너무 마음에 들어요.
Jaden Kim
Jaden Kim
The best wrap shop
Jasmine Villicana
Jasmine Villicana
Jee was super nice , he did vinyl stripes on my 2020 dodge durango. I just recently took my new charger r/t and also did the red stripes on it. I had to come back He was super attentive to detail and most importantly was punctual with the time. I would definitely come back and refer my family. Another thing his office was CLEAN something I usually look at too! Thank you team !!!
Bohan Dong
Bohan Dong
Ordered labels for company event. Outstanding quality print. Ji is a very nice guy to talk to.
Jose Perez
Jose Perez
Awesome service, very informative, and great attention to detail! Friendly, honest, and punctual as well.

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